Easily share and receive sensitive information.

Securely share passwords and other sensitive information, and prevent your confidential data from remaining fully visible in email conversations or chats.

trusted by 500+ customers

Trusted by law firms, attorneys, accountants and IT companies all around the world.

GDPR compliant platform with strong AES-256 encryption. Made in Germany.

Securely share sensitive information

Sharing private notes, passwords, API keys, credit card information or any other kind of sensitive data should be done in a safe way. When sending them via email or messengers, your data remains visible and accessible for a long time. Start sharing the secure way, use InPrivy.


No ads, no excessive user tracking, made and hosted in Germany.


We ensure robust protection of your sensitive information.


Use anywhere on the web, without installing any apps.

Secure and private

You are the only one who knows the link to the secret information you created. Give it to the person who should see it. The links are encrypted with SSL and can only be used once by default. The secret information is also kept safe using strong AES-256 encryption.

Simple by design

No over-thinking. No fancy gimmicks. Just a simple and easy to understand way for you to create and share your confidential data with other people in your network or around the world.

GDPR compliant

Since we're based in the EU, we know the deal. So we've built our software with the intent to be GDPR compliant, and we take the privacy of all our website visitors and customers very seriously.

Join the movement

Our goal is to provide a secure and user-friendly way to share sensitive information across the internet. Get access today and start sharing the secure way.

  • File Attachments

    Securely attach files to shareable secrets.
  • Customizable

    Use your own domain, logo and custom colors.
  • Strong Encryption

    Secrets are secured with strong AES-256 encryption.
  • API Access

    Manage secrets via our API however you like.

Pay once. Use forever.

Get lifetime access to all features we offer today, plus any new feature we add in the future. One-time payment. No subscription, no add-ons.


For individuals who need to share sensitive information the secure way.

€49 one-time payment
plus local taxes

Get access
  • Attachments 10 GB Storage
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Translations
  • History Log 45 days
  • Public Sharing URL
  • Extended Link Details
  • Notifications
  • Password Protection
  • API Access
  • Team Management


Most popular

For small and big teams, with unlimited team members. Bring as many as you need.

€129 one-time payment
plus local taxes

Get access
  • Attachments 30 GB Storage
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Translations
  • History Log 90 days
  • Public Sharing URL
  • Extended Link Details
  • Notifications
  • Password Protection
  • API Access
  • Team Management


Everything in the Business package, plus additional storage and extended features.

€199 one-time payment
plus local taxes

coming soon
  • Everything in Business plan
  • 250 GB Storage
  • Multiple Workspaces
  • Extended Branding

When this plan becomes available, existing customers will be able to upgrade at a reduced rate.

What some of our customers are saying

  • Works perfectly.

    "I've used other tools that fill this need but none have been as easy and user-friendly to set up and use, you guys nailed it here. #LoveAtFirstUse"

  • Just a great tool!

    "We are using InPrivy to exchange login information with our clients. With our own sharing page it is also easy for our clients to send us passwords without exposing them in emails."

  • Absolute Perfection.

    "InPrivy is such a clean tool. Very clean UI and UX that makes it easy to set up, customize, and deploy." ... "I hope the InPrivy team develops this further to make it an even more amazing tool - but very happy with where it is currently as well."

  • Great deal!

    "Tools like these are very much needed these days. And this one is such a great deal. Its UI is beautiful and is very simple and easy to use." ... "Amazing support and the team adds new features very often. Highly recommended!"

  • Delivers as promised with a short learning curve

    "InPrivy is a terrific value! I purchased the lifetime deal today and ran a bunch of tests, all of which worked perfectly. I set up a team, invited a test member (myself), and the whole process was very easy to follow. Thanks for a great product and value!"

  • The power of simplicity

    "Like all ivy.mayhem apps, inprivy is simple yet offers a professional solution. This is exactly what I needed when sharing confidential information. You create any information or share a file and set the number of downloads, expiration date and you can protect everything with another password."

  • Really awesome

    "If you want to attach files, share confidential data or sensitive information, this tool is what you need. It’s a secure tool that allows an easy way to categorize folders and receive notifications of the “secrets”. Love this platform and it's promising. Well done, InPrivy team!"

  • Great addition to the business tools

    "Jumped on this service because I'm looking for something that is both easy and secure to transfer things like passwords from client to me. While the main thrust of this service is for me to securely send details to someone else, the Appsumo deal lets me add a custom URL that I can send to anyone, they type in their secret stuff, I get it. THAT is perfect."

  • An Awesome Tool Everybody Needs

    "InPrivy is an awesome and easy-to-use tool, that everyone can benefit from to share passwords or other sensitive information. I don't only use it when I need to share sensitive data with other people, but also if I need to share sensitive information with myself to access on other devices I own (for example sharing from my computer to my smartphone)."

  • Works great and easy to use

    "It is easy to use, and it works great. I especially like that I can customize my sharing page with my own logo and colors. I also like the possibility to make folders, I use it for each customer to stay organized. One more thing, Notifications is just great, that way I can see when the receiver has opened the shared link."

  • Very Nice

    "I was looking for something like this!! Very poweful application with a lot of potential! Keep it up!"

  • Love it!

    "Easy to use, to edit and make your own. Though you need to be aware: when putting in a password for a secret, you'll never find it again.... So scrabble it down somewhere and then share the secret...."

What's wrong with sending plain-text passwords via email or messenger?

When you send a password or other private information through email or messaging, it is usually saved in a way that can be read easily. You also have no control over who can see it or how long it will be kept.

Some vendors, like Gmail, scan your emails to learn more about you and their contents. This means that other technology, like bots, can also see and use your sensitive information.

Also, email accounts can be hacked or compromised, which can allow unauthorized access to the contents of the email, including sensitive information like passwords or API keys.

InPrivy allows you to send a secure link that will be voided once it was opened (more options are possible). There is no way to access your sensitive data after it was voided. You have full control over your shared data and if needed, you can void secrets manually at any time.

Why you should care about which services you use for sharing sensitive data online.

There are many services out there that let you send private notes or passwords for free. While they may work just fine, always remember that if you are not paying for a product, you are the product.

Also, free services are often bloated with ads, and you should always think twice before entering sensitive data into such websites.

InPrivy is actively maintained. We will never show you any kind of ads and only use GDPR compliant tracking for our marketing sites. We are not using shared-hosting and have full control over our product. We charge a fair amount for our platform to ensure an ongoing and secure way for you to share sensitive data.

Has anyone ever had to send you confidential information? Say hello to InPrivy Public Sharing URLs.

With a Public Sharing URL it is possible to generate a unique url that you can use to allow others to send you information with InPrivy, easy and secure.

The Password Sharing Tool that respects your privacy.

That's not just a cheezy line to win you over — we actually mean it. While competing services plaster their website with lots of third-party scripts to track your activity and behaviour across their pages, we refrain from such practises1.

Build and hosted in Germany, loved by customers worldwide.

We comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and guarantee server locations in Germany with ISO 27001 certification. From Auckland to Vietnam, customers all around the world trust us and use our reliable password sharing tool.

Start sharing passwords the secure way.

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