Introducing Public Sharing Url

This week we introduced a new feature called "Public Sharing Url". It basically allows you to send out an individual link to your clients / customers or whoever needs to share sensitive information, such as passwords or access keys, with you. When accessing the public sharing url, your branding settings will be applied. That means you have your own, individual tool for clients to use to share their data with you.

Who is it for?

Public Sharing Urls are perfect for agencies and freelancers. It is often the case that a client has existing login credentials for their hosting provider, webserver or login credentials for a web app that need to be accessible to an agency.

Usually, these sensitive information are send via email, or other unsecure ways of means. With your public sharing url, you simply send a link to your client and ask them to submit their sensitive information in a secure way.

Is it safe?

Yes. As we use AES-256 Encryption for all secrets, both you and your clients can be rest assured that their data is secure. All secrets that are created via a public sharing url can be opened only once. If not opened, they will automatically expire 7 days after creation.

How can I use it?

To enable your own public sharing url, you will need to either have an active subscription, or a balance on your account. You must also have your own domain connected to InPrivy, for example a subdomain like "". After your domain is connected, you can create your own public sharing url and share it with anybody who needs to send sensitive information to you.

Resetting the public sharing url

If you need to reset your public sharing url, you can easily regenerate your url with one click. Or you can disable public sharing altogether.

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