InPrivy switches to one-time payments

We have moved from subscriptions to one-time payments. No more recurring payments, no add-ons. Learn more about this decision.

What is InPrivy and why you should use it

Learn how InPrivy works, in a nutshell, and why you need to try it when sharing confidential data.

InPrivy secure sharing just got even better and simpler

We are proud to announce a major update to our platform that will enhance the user experience and make sharing and collaboration even more secure and efficient.

Earn money with the InPrivy affiliate program

Join our affiliate program and earn 50% commission for every referral while promoting secure sharing with InPrivy.

Why there is no annoying cookie-banner on our website

We think it is the nicer way to welcome visitors.

Why you should avoid sending passwords via email

Read 5 Reasons why passwords should not be send via email or Slack.

The state of pricing

Help us help you getting started with fair pricing for InPrivy. Take a short survey of 5 questions and get a 40% off coupon.

Introducing Public Sharing Url

Learn more about our latest feature "Public Sharing Url" and how it might be useful for you and your team.

Use your own translation or change default wording

Find out how you can customise the "Branding" settings to use your own language and wording when sharing and receiving secrets.