The state of pricing

As with all new products, the pricing should make sense. Charge too much and potential customers are leaving without ever trying the product. But charge too little, one could get the assumption that the product is too cheap and therefore maybe not good enough to justify a higher pricing.

We want to avoid that on the log-run and want to set a fair pricing for our monthly and annual plan, as well as for top-ups.

How you can help us and you

To get an idea of what our current and maybe soon-to-be customers think is a fair pricing for InPrivy, we created a short 5-question survey. So in addition to sending the survey out to our customers, we'd also like to hear it from people who are interested in using InPrivy, but may think it is overpriced (or even underpriced).

Any feedback is much appreciated.

What's in it for you

Taking surveys can be annoying and you should get something back for taking your time and answering us those questions. At the end of the 5 questions you have the possibility to let us know your email address (but this is optional). We will send you an individual 40% off coupon about 48 hours after taking the survey. You may apply this coupon one-time to either one of our subscription plans, or for topping up your account.

To participate, please answer those 5 short questions:

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