InPrivy switches to one-time payments

April 15th, 2023

InPrivy, the secure password sharing platform, has recently undergone a major change in its subscription model. We have moved from subscriptions to one-time payments.

With the new one-time payment model, InPrivy users can access the platform's services without committing to a long-term subscription. They can pay for a package once and continue using it indefinitely, without worrying about recurring charges.

The two new packages available under the one-time payment model are the "Solo" and "Business" packages. The "Solo" package, priced at $78, is designed for individuals and freelancers. This package allows users to create and share secure passwords and files while maintaining complete control and autonomy over the shared data.

The "Business" package, priced at $169, is for small to big organisations. With this package, businesses can access additional features such as API access, password protected links and also make use of the team management feature.

The new one-time payment model provides customers with greater flexibility and control over their usage and spending on InPrivy. This change is expected to broaden InPrivy's user base, especially among those who were hesitant to commit to a long-term subscription.