Why there is no annoying cookie-banner on our website

These days it is more and more uncommon to visit websites without being greeted by an annoying cookie banner, asking for permission to store a bunch of cookies for dozens of external services and tracking solutions. "Thanks" to the GDPR and other laws made in the recent years, this seems to be only the beginning. It's a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Are we breaking the law by not asking for permission to set cookies?

We probably would be, if we were using third-party scripts that will use cookies. But simply put, we only use technically necessary cookies so you can login without problems and use our platform the way it is intended.

No mouse-movement-tracking with Hotjar, no excessive visitor tracking with Google Analytics (in fact, no Google services at all), no chat-bots and no other marketing cookies are used on InPrivy.

While some of those services would probably give us valuable insights into how our platform is used, we prefer to keep it privacy-focused. That gives our visitors the assurance, that their data is not used by any third-party vendor in any way (at least not given through our services). It also has the nice side-effect of not having to click through cookie popup options and finally hitting the "Save preferences" button.

We think this is the nicer way to welcome visitors.

Don't we track visitors at all?

We do. But with a solution that is so focused on privacy, it's almost ridiculous. We're using the wonderful Fathom Analytics to track our website visitors ever since we launched InPrivy earlier this year. And we stop tracking the second you are logged in and manage your secrets.

It's important to us that our visitors and customers know they can trust us with their data and that we prefer privacy over excessive statistics.

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