InPrivy secure sharing just got even better and simpler

February 5th, 2023

We are proud to announce a major update to our platform that will enhance the user experience and make sharing and collaboration even more secure and efficient.

The new update includes the addition of dark mode, a refactored codebase, increased file upload limit, more insights about link clicks, greater control over secret links and more. These features come as a response to customer feedback and the increasing demand for a more versatile and user-friendly platform.

New look and feel

The most obvious change is the new look. The frontend has been completely rewritten from scratch. We switched to Tailwind CSS for this update and removed every line of CSS we had before. This allows us to easier maintain the platform from a styling point of view and to build new elements in the future.

Dark mode

One of the more requested features has finally arrived - InPrivy’s new dark mode. With a sleek and stylish look, dark mode offers a comfortable and modern alternative to the standard light theme. This new option not only provides a more aesthetically pleasing experience, but also reduces eye strain, especially in low light environments. Dark mode can be easily toggled by clicking the moon/sun icon in the top right corner.

Improved codebase for a smoother experience

We have been working hard to make the platform faster and more stable than ever before. With this update, the underlying codebase has been completely refactored, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient core. This means that users can now enjoy a smoother and more stable experience, with faster page loading times and fewer glitches.

Increased upload limit: share bigger files with ease

InPrivy initially started with text secrets only. Shortly after launching, we received many requests to also upload files. This brought challenges our initial infrastructure was not made for, but we “bend” it a little and allowed file uploads up to 50 MB, then increased it to 100 MB a few weeks later. To allow even bigger files, we had to make some underlying changes.

This is now done and we are happy to announce that the new upload limit has been increased to 500 MB per file. We are currently monitoring this for a few weeks and if needed, we may increase it up to 1 GB.

More insights into link clicks

We are always looking for ways to help our users better understand who opened their secret links. With the latest update, admins can now access more information about link clicks, including the number of clicks, the location, and the device used to access the link. This information will help to better understand how and when secrets are accessed.

Disabled open limit

One of the core features of InPrivy is its ability to create secret links that can only be accessed until a certain threshold was reached. That ranges from 1 to 5 opens. With the latest update, it is now possible to disable the open limit. This means that admins and editors can now set secret links to remain accessible for more than 5 opens. But keep in mind that you are still forced to set an expiration date. The default remains 30 days, which is automatically applied when you don’t enter a date.

Improved “Public Sharing URL”

InPrivy’s “Public Sharing URL” has been improved as well, making it even easier for admins to receive information from others. With the new update, we removed the need to use a custom domain in order to use the Public Sharing URL. In a future update it will also be possible to upload files via the Public Sharing URL.

We also introduced an “Inbox”, where you can easily access secrets that have been shared with you. Those secrets will be invalidated 30 days after they were created. You may void them before the expiration date is reached, if you want.

New paid plans “Personal” and “Business”

When InPrivy launched in 2021, we offered access for either 3.50€ per month, or 35€ per year. As the platform grew, more features were added and new requirements arised.

With the latest update, we introduced a second plan with more features. The “Business” plan unlocks more storage, longer history log, extended link details, QR codes, notifications, custom domain, team management and more.

Existing subscribers can upgrade to the "Business" plan with a 60% discount on the first invoice. If you were subscribed to InPrivy before the update and you do not see that option in your account, please get in touch with us.

Submit your feedback

We'd love to hear from existing customers about this new update. If you got a minute to spare, please fill out this form. We appreciate any feedback.

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What’s next

Throughout the last months, we received lots of feature requests. To keep InPrivy clean and easy to use, we carefully examine each request. If we reject a submission, it does not mean it was a bad one, but in the end, we have to build and maintain it. So we want to make sure it is something that brings value to lots of customers and does not make the platform bloated.

Nonetheless, feel free to visit to submit a feature request. We will carefully consider every submission.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading.