What is InPrivy and why you should use it

March 22nd, 2023

InPrivy is a platform that allows users to securely share sensitive information such as passwords, API keys, and other confidential data with others through a secure link.

The platform is designed to protect the information being shared from unauthorized access and to ensure that it remains confidential during transit. This can be useful in situations where individuals or organisations need to share sensitive information with others but want to maintain strict control over who has access to it.

How InPrivy password sharing works

Our platform is build with simplicity in mind. We want to give our customers a way to quickly and securely share sensitive information, either in text form or with files. When creating a so called "shareable secret", a unique link is generated. You can share this link with whomever you need. Nobody else knows the link.

When creating a secret, you have a few options about the expiration. The main gist is that secret links need to expire at some point. After all, InPrivy is not a password manager but a platform to share data with others. So you may set the option that the secret link can only be opened once. Or perhaps five times. You may also disable the open limit and define an expiration date. That's totally up to you.

Once either the expiration date is reached or the open limit was hit, the secret won't be accessible anymore. It's voided and does not exist anymore in our databases, not even as a "soft delete".

Remember, when sharing sensitive data via email or messengers, this data remains accessible for a very long time and you have no control over who gains access to it. This should be avoided, especially with sensitive data.

When you are subscribed to our "Business" plan, you can also see a few details about who opened your secrets. Metrics like date, browser or location can be helpful to see if your link was accessed by someone unwanted. If in doubt, you can always void the link at any time in your dashboard.

Our shareable links are secured with SSL by default and are not predictable. The are not indexed by search engine bots and until shared, only known by you or your team.

Start a 20-day trial today

Sign up at inprivy.io/register and start your 20-day trial to get to know InPrivy. No strings attached. If you don't need it, simply delete your account. If you have any kind of concern or question, feel free to get in touch with us.